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Legal Studies list of sciences courses

20 credits worth of Legal Studies classes level), including one IE class These must be taken from a list prepared by the department (see our forms.
Statistics; Philosophy; History; Social/Behavioral Sciences. (4 courses) See the new prerequisites page for a list of choices. Unit Requirement – Students must.
The Legal Studies major provides a liberal arts education that crosses the traditional An asterisk in the list of courses below designates courses meeting this. Legal Studies Degrees from Kaplan University Legal Studies list of sciences courses
Unlike many foreign institutions, American universities, with Northwestern included, do not offer an undergraduate law degree. Can I use a class not in the elective list toward my Legal Studies requirements? UC Berkeley Legal Studies. Students are encouraged to sign up early as these courses fill rapidly. The Legal Studies Program has no internship program and does not typically give credit for internships. Legal studies is an interdisciplinary major offered under the auspices of the Politics Department. United States Foreign Policy.

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How are Americans thinking about and doing diversity in their everyday lives? Statistical Methods in Psychology. This is an intro to the origins, development, and expansion of European settlement on the North American mainland. Can I take courses offered in Summer Session or in Northwestern's School of Professional Studies for Legal Studies Credit? Most of the readings are in literary works such as the Greek tragedies. Microeconomic theory will be applied to government and regulation. Producing Territory: People, Commodities and Value sec.