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Liberal Arts college major list

Your liberal arts major is just one of the building blocks of your future. Our graduates succeed in a broad array of careers—law, health care, medicine, business.
Some college majors focus on preparing students for very specific careers. Career-oriented majors have more course requirements than liberal arts majors.
If you want to major in a liberal arts subject, go for it. we have compiled a list of the most popular liberal arts degrees offered online to help you find programs.

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Students may choose majors in the humanities, social sciences, foreign languages, and interdisciplinary fields. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Although subjects like business and accounting seem to attract a lot of students, universities have also found an increase in demand for liberal arts majors such as psychology, human services, and general liberal arts, to name a few. Some content on this site may require the use of a special plug-in or application. It is best if students can take at least a few courses that match their personality when they first start in college.

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Developing critical thinking skills and being able to comprehend various subjects and perspectives adds to the ability of liberal arts graduates to successfully connect the dots between multiple disciplines. The Pennsylvania State University. What Is a College Major? Why Use Career Key? The Holland College Major Environments. Search Penn State Web.

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Computer Networking all about research paper Is a Life Experience Degree a Scam? Our graduates succeed in a broad array of careers—law, health care, medicine, business, government, teaching, public relations and marketing, arts and entertainment, international relations, and more. A double major means that you have two majors that are the same degree, for example a Bachelor of Arts in both English and French. What Is a College Major? Human resources specialists require a Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts degree in human resources, or related field such as business administration, labor relations, personnel administration, or behavioral sciences. Graduates with a Master degree in human services, psychology, or sociology and National Association of Social Liberal Arts college major list certification are qualified for managerial roles in the field.
Marine Biology subjects to be told in college bible studies The front line case managers locating resources to help individuals, families or groups of people to access assistance programs, counseling, career training, housing, or substance abuse treatment, Social Workers have an important obligation to clients. It has been described as the closest example of a liberal arts college in the UK. Professional archaeologists require a graduate degree to advance as professionals. Animation, illustration, photographs, prints, and text incorporation of images created by Graphic Designers and Artists add value to any publication. Unlike the colleges and universities that offer these majors, other Some schools are strictly liberal arts colleges—meaning that all of their majors are considered liberal arts. Graduate degree holders in economics, generally find the same opportunities for hire as a Master of Business Liberal Arts college major list.
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Liberal Arts college major list