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As a minimum, students will usually choose four AS- level subjects, one of . subject will give you essay -writing skills, while science subjects help .. and Law be an okay combination, or would universities see it as too “ soft ”?.
From a person who could be considered taking a lot of soft subjects 3 essay based subjects and 1 coursework heavy subject (Fine Art, I'm . Many unis will accept you without it, but I do think it would help you for the degree.
"An A- level subject blacklist does not exist, but certain universities do require A drama course might require that you have at least one essay -based A- level, for example. . Guardian Supporters help to secure our future. .. make sure any other A- levels you do are not soft things like media studies, law. Anyone have any offers from Glasgow Caledonian Uni yet? Are you going into sixth form soon, and wondering which subjects to do? Leeds College of Art. I definitely would like to take biology and chemistry at A level but I am unsure of what else to take. Original post by Rehabb. Study Music for Essay Writing

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Trinity Graduate Student Funding Awards. It is certainly useful to have studied Physics, but it is by no means compulsory and you will not be at a disadvantage for not having studied it. Unfortunately, I am a bit stuck on which A Levels to take, and so I was wondering if I could ask your help. Therefore in the subject lists that follow, those in bold are generally deemed essential for studying the subject, while those in italics are often seen as useful but not necessarily required. I want to do bachelors in economics in the future or LL. Girls, who has the best body out of these two guys? I wanted to be a doctor but I hate chemistry!

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Look for BScs rather than BAs, and take Geography, RS and whichever two sciences here defined as Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics you think you would do best in. You have the three essential subjects Maths, Further Maths and Physics , so your application is in order. Instead of Media I would take a facilitating subject such as English Literature or History. Which subjects are regarded well? Since I found the GCSE overly easy, I wanted something new. Simply be aware that Art can take over all your time and plan accordingly.