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Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling college of fine arts sydney university

PDI- Ga State University, University of Ga National CertificationMaster's Certification, Substance Abuse / Addiction Counseling, Licensure/ National Certification.
Western New Mexico University MATH 1315 College Algebra (3) MATH 131 College Algebra (3) . ARTH 1101 Introduction to Art (3) Courses within CNM's Fine Arts group are accepted as part of HSV 1102 Case Management for Substance Abuse Counseling (2) *HSV 2203 Introduction to Addiction Counseling (2).
Sydney Johansen, Bachelor of Arts, Boise State University, Redding, Associate in Arts, Native American Studies, Rose State College, Okla. Autumn Rose Dowdy, Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography Sam Houston State University, Texas . Psychology Minor Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling.
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