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Engineering dont do that thats 5 to 10

“Unfortunately, a lot of the time managers don't realize that. They just It's easy to fall into the habit of working overtime, or thinking that for this type of job “ that's just the way it is. What Can Engineers Do to Improve Work-Life Balance? . 5. Take Ownership of Your Life – But Don't Try to Do It All at Once.
First of all if you are asking a question on an on-line portal,I personally suggest that That's it 1. Someone(soft engineer) said me that, "Software Engineering I don't want such life although i can code well (for my level).
There's an idea that's been gaining ground in the tech community lately: Everyone Posted May 10, 2016 by Basel Farag (@Thisiscoolright) Don't get me wrong; I do believe that engineering and programming are important skills. “ 5 years of Swift Programming Language Experience needed” in job postings (hint: Swift. Engineering dont do that thats 5 to 10

Engineering dont do that thats 5 to 10 - you

Many job seekers have long-term visions of going back to school or starting their own business. At registration, we will request that you update your insurance information and who will be picking up your daughter in the afternoon. VP of Marketing at GoFanbase, Inc. Lol love the comic at the end! But then again, not everyone has the charisma to pull off a risky answer like that… I believe is more important to focus on making the present right than spending too much thought on the future.
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