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Neurophysics: Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience. Neurophysics: theoretical and computational neuroscience consists of many.
for nearly 30 years. Ken Ware works with a client at the NeuroPhysics Therapy Institute, QLD (07) 3162 6629 · NeuroPhysics Therapy Clinic – Sydney CBD.
Neural Field Theory · Neurophysics: Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience group is an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in physics, engineering, a range of collaborators, both inside and outside the University of Sydney. Representations of different types of spatiotemporal pattern from the visual cortex of marmosets. Currently, we are investigating the functional nature of these patterns by analysing how they are modulated by external stimuli in the visual cortex of marmosets. About Research Areas Brain Network Structure and Dynamics Hemodynamics Neuroscience physics sydney fMRI Neural Field Theory Neurophysics: Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience Sleep Dynamics Student projects Publications People Software Contact Us. Space and Solar Physics. Importantly, we can figure out the evolution dynamics of these patterns. Welcome Talented student program. Faculty of Science, University of Sydney.

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How does the brain compute: Distributed dynamic computation DDC in neural circuits. Skip to main content. We will study the dynamic origins of complex neural dynamics and their neural computation principles. Sydney, Australia View Tutor Feiyang P. Brain Network Structure and Dynamics.