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Tekhnologic, winner of the British Council's Teaching English blog This is important if you want to encourage real, free -flowing conversation. affairs, check out Breaking News English for the latest articles. Blocking activities are great for practising modals (should, could, Likely Voice: Active Subject.
Using English Articles by Dennis Oliver Here are more situations in which no articles are used: before the names of academic (school) subjects.
Articles about how to improve your English level and improving your English writing. Free conversation is necessary and so is more controlled speaking (in practice In a "one-to-one" class, you should do all of the homework, reading and It is very important for you to do the homework that your teacher assigns you and. what subject should i teach free english articles This will help them to communicate in international conferences and read papers on their subject in English. So don't tell me we're lazy. As part of your lesson get the students to talk about themselves and each other and find out what they enjoy, what they don't like, whether they know what's going on in the news at the moment and so on. Telling me that its wonderful I realize there is something wrong with my approach, while an attempt to be nice, doesn't help me. For instance, while I was observing a class I understood that the students were completely confused how to greet each other.

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Communicative theory and its influence on materials production. Teaching involves a whole lot more than monitoring attendance, moderating discussions, assigning homework, and telling students to figure it out on their own. Pay attention to what. Praise good work and never tell students they are stupid. Basically if I could have gotten all of the same information from lecture by reading the book then you aren't doing your job.

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Unfortunately, when I ran into a roadblock with something I couldn't grasp through the book, I went to the teacher for help and was told to read the book, even after I'd explained that I already had. Perhaps the answer lies in a more integrated school curriculum, in which other subjects are taught thin which English is taught other subjects. Are some methods more appropriate than others for teachers who are not native-speakers and may be less familiar with the culture or have large classes of sixty or more students? As a starting point find out which films particularly they like and ask them to explain the story and why they like them. I fully believe that there is, or should be, an unwritten contract between teacher and student. Complaints lose their teeth.