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Air Traffic Controller not top 10

If you are an Air Traffic Controller or wanna-be ATC, then you will enjoy these cool games and apps the most. It is a simulation based game where you are an Air Traffic Controller, who is assigned the task of controlling the traffic from the control tower at a busy airport.
An air traffic controller's primary job is to keep planes from slamming into each other, to movies such as Die Hard 2 and that seminal volleyball documentary Top Gun. Sadly, they're not the kind of light guns you play Lethal Enforcers with -- they're .. 10 Ridiculous Facts We Learned This Week.
Air traffic controllers are people trained to maintain the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air . Most countries' armed forces employ air traffic controllers, often in most if not all branches of the forces. This in itself may prove to be the largest stumbling block to the introduction of highly automated air traffic control systems. ‎ Features of the job · ‎ Changes made in 2014 · ‎ See also · ‎ References. Manage your account settings. High tolerance to caffeine. More the number of aircraft you direct to land safely higher is your rank in the game. My Account Log Out Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Google Sign in FAQ. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Air Traffic Controller not top 10 - and examine

We are regular human beings with unique characteristics. Best Starter Travel Rewards Cards. Only we understand ourselves, and together we can inform the world. As aircraft fly over radar sites, the data from those radars is communicated digitally via telecommunications lines to controllers hundreds or even thousands of miles away. You know what else fails? A Traveler Meets Air Traffic Control 1963 Federal Aviation Administration FAA