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Child Development possible majors

Successful child development majors tend to possess certain (and similar) it's common to find graduates working in group homes, family counseling, child.
You are here: CSU, Chico | Child Development Program | Student Resources | What Can I Do With This . Minor or double major in a communications field. ‎ General Information · ‎ Pre-school/Child Care · ‎ Education · ‎ Community Services.
The Child Development major is for students who wish to study children (infancy through adolescence) and the major contexts—family, cultural, peer, school.

Child Development possible majors - York:

They also tend to be both creative and analytical thinkers. STAR Act Degree Road Maps. Additional or specialized training qualifies one for higher paying and positions of greater responsibility. Overseas child care and education programs. Introduction to the Field. With a masters degree in child development, you will find that you may qualify for one or more of the positions briefly described below. Health and wellness agencies. Community Research and Action Ph. Choose one of the following:. The Option in Applied Developmental Science emphasizes the analysis and synthesis of classic and contemporary research in the interest of promoting positive developmental outcomes spanning conception through early adulthood.
Blake Major changes a baby's diaper for child development