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Course Descriptions: Online or PDF Business Administration Elective, 3 MKT 130 Marketing Research, 3 Fashion Buying and Merchandising (FBM).
Suggested Elective Courses for Specific Interests in Pharmacy Practice. Community Phar Principles of Clinical Pharmacology Research. Prerequisite.
2016 Elective Course Descriptions . Students study classic experiments and contemporary research in the areas of conformity, obedience, helping behavior.

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The goal of this course is to help students develop a framework for thinking about investment problems. Naughton The purpose of this class is to examine and understand the full spectrum of private equity investing including venture capital, growth equity, and buyouts as well as the limited partners that invest in the asset class and the general partners who are the investment managers. Electives provide your child a chance to show her flair and develop interests and abilities. The course will focus on real world business opportunities for health care providers, doctors, and hospital systems, products e. In keeping with the aims of the Social and Ethics Responsibility core requirement, this course aims to create an opportunity for students to discuss and weigh: BUSINESS AND SOCIETY BAS. Margaret Neale: Negotiation: Getting What You Want electives subjects in college buying research