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Molecular Biology research topics for college students

Research interests in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are diverse, allowing graduate students to choose from a broad spectrum of topics.
Areas of Expertise: behavior genetics in C. elegans; molecular neurobiology In addition to my own research topics I will consider working with students.
Featured Individual Experiments for General College -level Biology enables students to explore a number of exciting topics in molecular biology, including the.
My research focuses on microbial ecology and biogeochemistry. Recent work suggests that VGF is also implicated in learning and memory. A collection of press releases about biology research conducted by Penn State scientists. These abundant insects offer a unique opportunity for students to use both field techniques and molecular biology to elucidate which vertebrates are serving as hosts and which strains of T. You Criminal Justice best subjects to take in high school to prepare for theology college delete or disable these cookies in your. My current work utilizes cultured hippocampal neurons, molecular biological tools, and fluorescence microscopy to investigate the presynaptic secretion of tPA.

Molecular Biology research topics for college students - and get

Acid phosphatase is present in many plant tissues where it catalyzes the removal of phosphate groups from macromolecules at low pH. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Overview. These systemic changes result from many individual synaptic modifications, which are carried out by a class of secreted proteins known as neuromodulators. Students who participate in this research can expect to learn what critical thinking is, why it is relevant to undergraduate education, and how it relates to scientific literacy. Explanation of EPA, MDEQ, and DOT regulations.

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Sydney uni international studies dissertations writing services Past projects have investigated effects of herbivores on plants e. A mutation is a change in the nucleotide sequence of DNA which leads to an inherited change in an organism. Nerve Pathway for Combating Axon Injury and Stress May Hold Benefits for Individuals with Neurodegenerative Disorders. Postbaccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate in Premedical Basic Sciences. Students are encouraged to consult with the Chief Undergrad Advisor CUGA or their BMB Faculty Advisor to discuss decisions about research opportunities. General College-level Biology Featured Individual Experiments for General College-level Biology.
Molecular Biology research topics for college students This is then formalized in an Independent Study Contract that all parties sign. Definitions of hazardous waste. Disruption of normal homeostatic pathways leads to aberrant behavior in cells and this is at the heart of cancer. The biosynthetic pathways of how polyamines are produced have been deduced in other parasites as well as humans, and differences in these pathways have been exploited as drug targets for the treatment of other parasitic diseases. Once you have chosen a lab, and you and the PI have agreed on the terms of the research, obtain the appropriate form.
MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION BEST CUSTOM ESSAY SERVICE Project CROAK is a research based curriculum integrated into math and science courses at Zillah High School. Recent work suggests that VGF is also implicated in learning and memory. Office of Science Engagement. Thank you very much for your time, I look forwarding to hearing from you. In addition to projects on fishes, I am interested in the ecology of aquatic invertebrates such as insects and zooplankton that inhabit local streams and lakes.