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Urban Planning majors in government

Find out what you can do with your degree in urban planning including job planning and development), central/devolved government and major public bodies.
To become an urban and regional planner, you'll need a master's degree in urban by management and consulting, state government, and local government.
Urban Studies majors go on to successful careers in academics, advocacy, business, government, law, politics, public policy, research, publishing, and much more. Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority; City Planner, City of. Through a collaborative process, urban planners must determine the goal of a project, collect necessary data, and create a plan that takes into account the needs of different stakeholders. I personally am very much set on going to Australia for a year on a Work and Holiday Visa and see what happens can get a normal retail job in the mean time until I get something better in planning, and if not, then I would have enjoyed my time there in a new place with new friends. City and County Management. How Much Do Urban Planners Earn, and What Is the Job Outlook for this Role? Zoning Code Officer, City of Madison. Transportation planners develop and model possible solutions and explain the possibilities to planning boards and the public. It's Urban Planning majors in government much a glorified version of other useless social sciences like sociology and political science. Urban Planning majors in government Why Study Urban Studies and Planning?