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Athletic Training what are the core subjects in college

The B.S. in Athletic Training has a separate application from the CSUN admissions process. Admission 3. Upper Division Kinesiology Core Courses (21 units).
Athletic Training students are bound by the academic requirements that are in and a new Acute Care & Emergency Management in Athletic Training course to.
Athletic Training Core (41 hours): KPED Submission of official transcripts from all college course work completed to date;.

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Upon successful completion of the program students are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training and are eligible to sit for the Board of Certification BOC examination for the athletic trainer. Students must meet the following minimum prerequisites for admission to the ATEP:. Choose one course from each of the following categories:. Post-Baccalaureate Program formerly Fast Track. Physical Activity Classes Research Contact Us. Practice professional conduct at all times. Computer Science - Business Careers.