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Exercise Physiology easiest science majors

From the beginning I wanted to be an Exercise Science major, since I . have are exercise physiology (easy as pie if you're a biology major).
Explore exercise science studies and whether it's the right major for you. Exercise physiology is the basic study of the movements and coordination of all the.
Would I be better off majoring in biology or exercise science for college, knowing for sure that I will be Major in the easiest major you can. The career outlook for exercise science is good, but more and more people are looking to MS degrees in it. The only challenging classes you'll have are exercise physiology easy as pie if you're a biology major and biomechanics easy as pie if you remember anything from HS trig and physics. With that said, Exercise Physiology easiest science majors, outside of gross anatomy not always a requirement in undergrad ES programsbiomechanics, and one other exercise class, it wasn't all that rigorous, either. Where your dreams become reality. Until the faculty is all filled out for the department which is something that can take longer than your time in collegethe courses will likely be somewhat watered down. Anderson University - South Carolina.