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I was initially planning on doing a literature review but this year the Birmingham School of Podiatry have changed the Podiatry dissertation writings and I have to do a research project. Caffeine causes nervousness and gastro intestinal disturbances and codeine, drowsiness. You are here Home Student Services Dissertation Boot Camp. Your name or email address:. We may encounter situations where undergraduate supervisors are not actively involved in research themselves, but the year group proposals are divided out equally among all the staff, some of whom have a strong research background, some who haven't done anything for years, if ever.

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You seem to have come into podiatry with preconceived ideas of how you want to tailor the profession to your interests-which seem to constantly harp back to what you have done previously. No, create an account now. Might be tricky to draw any firm conclusions however, as there are far too many uncontrollable variables involved. As others have mentioned - this may be a bit too complicated given your time frame and availabe resources. Not all degrees are created equal. An initial idea is to take a sample of amateur footballers I know and with the use of a simple questionnaire, determining the boot type studs,blades etc versus injury. George Shultz, Turmoil and Triumph, p.