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The College also offers degrees with guaranteed transfer to California State Universities—with over Butte College has the highest transfer rate to CSU, Chico.
An online student- transfer information system, ASSIST shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can be applied when  Missing: write ‎ proposal.
Minimum Transfer Eligibility Requirements: 60 CSU-transferable units (courses numbered *Minimum 2.0 GPA local service area for Chico State. Missing: write ‎ proposal. Student clubs such as the Agriculture Ambassadors provide opportunities for leadership development and community service. Students in this program will improve their ability to read, write, and analyze situations. AVID creates a college-going culture that increases the number of students who enroll and succeed in higher education. Associate Degree in Real State. The transfer major listed here partially reflects requirements for CSU, Chico. In this student-centered elective course students will have opportunities to explore methods of writing different genres of literature including short stories, poems, historical fiction, scriptwriting, plays, creative non-fiction, literary criticisms, and personal narratives. All students will build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in image design and sequencing, idea presentation, portfolio development, and an overview of the opportunities in Multimedia.

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Administration of Justice Program: Associate in Arts Transfer Degree in Sociology. Providing for students with special needs will be covered. High school students considering an accounting career are encouraged to take English, mathematics, computer, accounting, and related business courses. Excellent citizenship and attendance. Courses required for graduation from Paradise High School are established by School Board Policy and follow the Education Code of the State of California. A two- or four-year degree is a job requirement in some businesses and government agencies. A Kannada filme "Jolly Days" vida universitária dos alunos com legendas.