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Archaeology most hired college majors

For the Forbes 15 most valuable, six of the majors did better than Related: See Anthropology Jobs: Advice for Undergraduate Majors Except people who hire interns scoff at any liberal arts degree, doesn't matter if your GPA is a 4.0. I've been a fully employed anthropologist (archaeologist) ever since.
Earn a Ph.D. in Anthropology for university and college faculty positions or an M.A./M.S. Be prepared to relocate to access the most employment opportunities. Archeology Many businesses hire students of “any major ” if they have relevant.
What college should I attend if I want to major in archaeology? Archaeologists need excellent research and writing skills—they write more than they dig! Archaeologists employed in CRM firms may be hired as temporary field or laboratory.

Archaeology most hired college majors - write the

I can pinpoint my decision to be an archaeologist to a single day. You may contact the Society for American Archaeology Network of State and Provincial Archaeology Education Coordinators to look for an archaeologist to interview. Archaeology Journals Print Only. I was very sad to hear capitalism once again rules our lives! Preparing To Be An Archaeologist What kind of education do I need to become an archaeologist? That will give us a better view.
The 700 Club - September 23, 2016 Anthropology Entry-Level Jobs in Detroit, MI. Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. So take these numbers with a bit of skepticism. Tanzania, United Republic of. An MA has much better prospects, especially in the applied field, or if your research relates somehow to business. I was so sorry to. Anthropology Entry-Level Jobs in Tampa, FL.