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Real jobs for college graduates who major in history or political science. Consultant; Political Scientist; Politician; Protocol Specialist/Foreign Service Officer Research Assistant; Survey Worker; Teacher, Social Studies; Writer / Author What follows is a collection of the best job boards and career resources for a career in.
The political science major, like most liberal arts major, is very flexible and White House advisor ; foreign service officer; ambassador; budget analyst; Each branch of government has a wide range of job openings, although the Most campaigns have a variety of professional and volunteer staff and a good way to begin.
This web page describes some of these positions, how best to prepare for The Foreign Service offers an attractive career, but the selection process is extremely rigorous. . Nonetheless, international law is a fairly minor branch of law, and this is Every major American university has a political science graduate program.

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Best minor for political science major service writing jobs After college, the Peace Corps is an option worth seriously considering. In general, the curricula at these schools stress international politics, history, and economics. Communications degree jobs are diverse, and readily available. Most Americans tend to think in terms of working abroad for an American corporation, but in fact there may well be better opportunities working in the U. Explore your career choices in this section of Quintessential Careers, which provides you with real job titles and careers that correspond with specific college majors. Another cool career path for math majors? In general it seems to recruit people with technical training in areas like economics or agriculture.
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While elementary and middle school teachers will cover history in some form, high school is when history-specific classes usually begin. Politics is linked to history in so many ways that it seems impossible for a successful politician to have no historical background whatsoever. There are many positions in advertising and marketing, from sales agents to managers to copy writers, but they all share the skills of persuasion and communication. An associate degree in political science can expose a student to some of the career opportunities available in public service. Many students use the experience for socializing, which is fine but detracts from the image of those with more serious interests. Writing a Scholarship Essay. About the Author Dr.

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American corporations used to send significant numbers of Americans abroad, where they were often something of a trial. See also the discussion of political science graduate programs below. Foreign Policy Association Job Board. Students should also ask political science faculty about getting a free copy of. I had a professor that got picked over the candidates for a sociology teaching position because not only did he have a masters in sociology but also a masters philosophy so he could teach two different subjects. Where can a degree in Political Science take you?