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Economics humd subjects montgomery college

(HUMD [M]) PREREQUISITES: Completion of at least 12 college credits, a 3.2 Course Description: One of two related courses (with HIST which may be .. Course Description: A survey of the political, economic, and social changes of.
These Montgomery College courses transfer into General Education EC 103 Evolution/ Economic Societies HUMD courses ; many require a literature, history.
Course descriptions for courses HUMD -Humanities NSLD-Nat. Students will gain insight into the important role economics has played in the past and an.
Emphasis is on the development of uniquely English institutions, as well as political, legal, social, intellectual, imperial, and economic history. Welcome to the NEW Montgomery College catalog! Topics for discussion include society, economy, politics, religion, philosophy, literature, art, science, and technology. Relates technological development with diverse patterns of Western culture as it evolved within this historic framework. Shift and Esc and the accesskey, for Windows or Mac. Economics humd subjects montgomery college