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Why not go with what you like? Geology. However, please don't think that any of the sciences Students come to our courses in biological anthropology thinking they will be easy, and then they get a shock because they are just as challenging Morgana Wyze, Certified Nutritional Counselor, Spiritual Counselor, Minister.
These are identified as basic course (general education) requirements. CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES (6 semester hours) MA 107 Structure of Mathematics; MA 110 Intermediate Algebra; MA 112 College Algebra; MA 211 Elementary Statistics.
The environmental biology curriculum, within the biology major, provides serve in missions ministries through programs related to soil, water, and plant/animal.

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Students are expected to know regulations and policies found in the current catalog and Student Handbook. Skip to main navigation. About Admissions Academics Student Life Ministries Athletics Events. If a student takes AP Biology and Marine Biology, will their admission be jeopardized if they haven't taken chemistry or physics? If a student lacks the full yearlong VPA requirement but is otherwise a very strong student academically and have met all other admission requirements, is it imperative that they take another VPA class? Please email inquiries if you believe this is an error. Tuition and Cost Information. May include an introduction to vectors and the geometry of space. Acids, bases, solutions, and chemical reactions. Start College Early with Affordable Online Classes for High School Students. The California Community College System is the largest higher education system in the U. How to read faster and better Ministry easy biologu college subjects