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Physician Assistant hardest business majors

I was a business major up until junior year. My ultimate goal is to have the degrees MPH/ PA -C. I have a couple choices: 1. . be fine with the gpa that you currently have, but since yours is slightly low, it would be harder. Physical Therapy or Physician Assistant.
Majors with the highest job rate and salary include business majors and STEM considered the hardest COB major (not including Quantitative Finance Majors). You will . Many bio majors are pre-med, pre-dental, or pre- physician's assistant.
Who is accepted into PA school and what does an average Physician Assistant The Average PA school applicant has a bachelor's degree . to become a PA, which in hindsight wish that I worked harder during the later years of college. I like that you are doing some longer-term planning — something that many applicants never bother to do. How do feel about that? With all of dental hygiene patient hours should I consider gaining more hours in a different area for a more well rounded application or would those hours suffice? This duplication occurs because Penn State students have the option of completing their degree at multiple campuses. After some time off to regroup, if you still wish to become a PA, retake the required courses and take any you have not yet taken. Physician Assistant hardest business majors Wargames