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He registered with Wikipedia to clean up an article on his specialist subject – relational contract theory. The original entry was a bit "raggedy.
Tertiary education, also referred to as third stage, third level, and post-secondary education, Since the specialized FE colleges called “ tertiary colleges” have been set up to offer courses such as A Levels, that allow progression to HE.
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Extraterrestrial impact in Yucatán, lava floods & Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction

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Retrieved from " The original entry was a bit "raggedy around the edges", he says. Wikipedia's own incomplete list of hoaxes makes interesting and comical reading I particularly appreciated the fictitious "Township of Asstree, Tennessee". Harvard University's Professor Yochai Benkler says this explains why Wikipedia has succeeded where other more traditional business models like Microsoft Encarta and Encyclopaedia Britannica have failed. Loading comments… Trouble loading? But of course, the article may well have changed since Dr Austen-Baker made his contributions — and therein lies the danger of open source content. Despite Wikipedia's drawbacks, students will continue to take advantage of the resource — and the default response of academics to simply advise against using the site is unlikely to have much effect. tertiary subjects

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Dr Easton believes the "consensus-based" approach employed by Wikipedia might actually make the website's most popular articles less subjective than the introductions found elsewhere. Lancaster Law School academic Dr Richard Austen-Baker illustrates this theory. He adds that over-reliance on free electronic materials makes it increasingly difficult to publish traditional books at all. Vandalism is also common. Stages of formal education.