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printed on 50% postconsumer recycled paper for Yale College and the permanent archive . See the complete list of Subject Abbreviations. MATH 112a . Last day to withdraw from a course offered in the first half of the term.
Term papers and term projects are to be submitted at the latest by the last day of the Final examinations Yale College expects every course to conclude with a to demonstrate proficiency in the discipline and subject matter of the course. Date of administering final examinations Since the final examination schedule has.
Prerequisite The prerequisite for the major is two term courses in History. . the subject and wish to expand their paper in a second term of independent research . each term, students majoring in History must have their schedule signed and.
Jeffrey Brenzel: The Essential Value of a Classic Education yale university courses catalog term paper subject The emergence of classical Judaism in its historical setting. History of the United States from the Jackson administration through the Civil War. Socioecology of primates compared with that of other mammals, emphasizing both general principles and unique primate characteristics. Focus on objects from Yale's British history and art collections. Alice Kaplan and Maurice Samuels. Priority is given to applications from juniors, then seniors, majoring in History, but applications are also accepted from qualified sophomores and from students majoring in other disciplines or programs.