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Astrophysics finance course 101 college subjects

Office of the Dean · Academic Affairs · Budget and Finance · Chairs and Directors The minor in Astronomy and Astrophysics is offered to students with a strong background in physics Introductory Course: ASTRO 201; Astronomy Core Courses: at least two courses chosen Introduction to the Solar System: ASTRO 101.
Below is a list of elective courses applicable to the study of Astrophysics. 102 Introduction to the Theory of Statistics [req 101 ] 134 Concepts of Probabilty;.
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A two-hour laboratory per week is required. Laboratory activities include use of a telescope, CCD camera for data acquisition, data reduction and analysis, and presentation of results. Majors: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Physics. Art Around the College. Many distinctions and similarities between science and other areas of human endeavor are studied to demonstrate the beauty, simplicity, harmony, and grandeur of some of the basic laws which govern the universe. Reveals how observed phenomena lead to theories on the nature of fundamental interactions, how these forces act at the smallest measurable distances, and what is expected to occur at even smaller distances. The Biophysics concentration can be used as an alternative route for certification as a secondary school teacher of physics.
Naked Eye Observations: Crash Course Astronomy #2