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college degree subjects good to go customs

Key Skills, Good judgment, leadership skills, perceptiveness, language skills very With a bachelor's degree, aspiring customs officers can apply for entry-level.
Most customs agents choose to get their degree in areas such as security After graduating from college, a person interested in the customs agent field will as a customs agent will have to go through a fairly extensive background check. Individuals that are training to deal with guns and narcotics will take courses on.
A customs agent is a federal law enforcement officer that protects and secures U.S. borders. checklist showing that applicants need at least a bachelor's degree. of study is acceptable, though completing a criminal justice degree program.

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You should consult the US Customs and Border Protection website for their current requirements before embarking on selecting a study program. The US Department of Customs and Border Patrol CBP is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security DHS , and is one of the most complex security and public safety organizations working in the country today. A: Custom agents are professionals who work in the Department of US Customs and Border Protection. Each applicant is responsible for bringing proof of registration, a picture identification, and the recommended reference materials to the examination. Typically, these job as in some capacity within the international trade or global supply chain arenas. These officials are present are usually every border crossing in the country. But those who pass say they gave it their all.

College degree subjects good to go customs - are

Submit to a physical examination, fitness testing, and drug testing. Customs] How to Apply for a U. Tricia Chaves began her writing career after working in advertising and promotions for entertainment publisher "The New Times. Heard Island and McDonald Islands. Students may come back for multiple semesters and conduct research at the facility and continue to take classes. Additionally, your work experience can qualify you for a higher grade level when combined with your college study. college degree subjects good to go customs
A: Due to the current global security situation, the field of border patrolling has grown a lot. The Houston Chronicle is published by a unit of The Hearst Corporation. Each year of full-time semester or quarter units equates to three months of general work experience. What sort of training and education do I need? Homeland Security and Public Safety stresses on teaching students on broader overview of the coordination processes of local police with private security. Border Patrol agents are also given off days and are paid during the training sessions. Additionally, a person that is interested in working as a customs agent will have to go through a fairly extensive background check.