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Medicine possible majors

Health and medical science majors enjoy a wealth of career opportunities, from Distance education makes training possible for students who live in remote.
They can also advise physicians about the possible side effects of a particular type of medication or its potential for interaction with other medications.
At this point, you may have also decided that you want to go to medical school and you are trying to decide what to major in. The first question you may be asking. The plan of study requires the completion of a very specific body of course work during the first two years of college: chemistry, physics, advanced mathematics, comparative anatomy, psychology, and mammalian biology as the minimum. The image of the friendly neighborhood pharmacist seen in old black-and-white movies lives on, at least in part. General Office Occupations and Clerical Services. Students who want to become practicing dentists would not be advised to select this major, but rather seek to fulfill the requirements for dental school admission. Students may pursue a BS or BA in Geophysical Sciences or a BS in Environmental Science. College Catalog Departmental Site The Committee on International Relation's M. The curriculum concludes with the National Certification Examination, Medicine possible majors. Medicine possible majors

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Undergraduate students admitted to this program pursue a specific course of study depending on their specific research and professional interests. Microbiological Sciences and Immunology. Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching. The plan of study requires the completion of a series of courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, along with advanced college algebra and calculus. Natural Resources Law Enforcement and Protective Services. Christian Colleges and Universities. A national certification examination must be taken prior to actual employment or graduate study.