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Physics isn't too bad if you just have to take the intro classes for biology. . Biology Course were easy, but my major was biology and I love.
@pinkstrawberry yes these are intro level science courses that i have to take I took bio, chem and physics in college, and for me physics was  Hardest and Easiest IB Subjects? — College Confidential.
Regardless of the type of college you are interested in attending, if you The main AP science classes AP Biology, AP Chemistry AP Physics C.

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I'm guessing it was harder than normal physics, but I really don't remember. Below are several examples of advanced science classes. Separate names with a comma. Physics is most often taken by students more confident in their scientific and math abilities, those planning to study science or math in the future, and those who want to get into more competitive colleges. Teaching loads are heavy by comparison with those in universities, but faculty research usually is not emphasized. Its amazing how many years of chemistry you can do and never actually do any science. You'll have the opportunity to take a variety of science classes in high school.

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In other words, Physics easy biologu college subjects, the course will involve a lot of intensive reading, mixed with the occasional homework and lab. How to Get Into Harvard and the Ivy League, by a Harvard Alum. If you can get a bit of exposure to how the planet not just its rocks, but the oceans and atmosphere as well works, that is likely to be a very worthwhile time. At this point I'm thinking I want to go into Med School or Law School I'm still in high school. Make sure you have the commitment to put in the unreal amount of hours studying. Stereotypes vs Reality: College Majors

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Particularly if you plan on studying science in college , it would be a good idea to take one of these three courses for the group requirement, as they are the science subjects colleges are most interested in. You had to derive the formula from a different formula and it just never made sense. So try to consider both the class itself and the professor. They know that you're not going to be a scientist and they are not aiming to turn you into one. Many dental schools request that students applying to dental school take the standardized dental aptitude test before consideration for admission. See the information on graduate study at Students who are considering a career in health care, but who think that they might be more interested in management and administration rather than in patient care, should consider a career in health administration. Trying to think of the easiest course might not work esp.