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Medical Transcription humanities subjects in college

No, you don't have to take Latin to be a medical transcription major. But you'll learn a thing or two about Latin and Greek in medical terminology class, because   Missing: humanities.
Nursing · Practical Nursing · Respiratory Care; HUMANITIES PROFESSIONS . The Medical Transcriptionist Diploma Program is designed to provide students with the All course work may later be applied to a Certificate or an Associate in about the effectiveness of college programs in preparing students for careers.
Apply your administrative skills in a medical setting - and launch a new medical terminology and processes before moving on to transcription skills. View the college catalog for this curriculum profile, including. program description; any general education requirements; required and elective courses ; course descriptions. Additional information about KCTCS. Please let us know! High School and New Students Information. No grades or exams except for licensure courses — just learning and enjoyment. Employers of medical transcriptionists want trained, proficient individuals with excellent comprehension of medical terminology, English grammar and punctuation, computer training and a thorough background in transcribing medical dictation. Experienced medical transcriptionists can advance to home-based work, supervisory positions, consulting or teaching and expect higher pay. Humanities in pre-med studies at Baylor University Medical Transcription humanities subjects in college