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English top jobs for biology majors

Biology majors ' analytic and problem solving skills lend themselves to many career choices. Here's a list of the top 10 jobs for biology majors.
GetEducated's experts list the top 20 highest paying majors with the best projected job growth for 2016 along with the best online degree options for each. There are numerous routes you can take with a degree in biology, and many of them have Grand Canyon University Bachelor of Arts in English / Professional Writing.
English majors also pursue careers in tech companies and other startup ventures --in I fell in love with teaching after actually T.A. -ing bio labs and then teaching range of opportunities, and a passport to be noticed by top -tier organizations.

English top jobs for biology majors - 90-234

My next dream gig came along soon thereafter. My parents lived in Michigan and I was trying to figure out my next move, so I moved in with them for about nine months. At this time, brands were starting to enter the music business by partnering with artists. It got my feet wet with the art of the cold call — something that helped me tremendously when I started out in PR. For my first three summers during college, I worked at a conventional companion animal hospital, a holistic animal hospital, and finally my most memorable summer job, my work at the Bear Mountain State Park Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. I love my current job, and it is a great fit for me right now, but this job has opened my eyes to further possibilities for a career. After graduation, I worked as an inside sales representative at Sigma Aldrich Fine Chemicals, a producer of chemical and biochemical kits, in St.