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is computer science a good major for the future paragraph on my college

Do not expect you will be given much instruction about how to program in a CS school. I didn't pay attention to many of them, and had B's bogging down my GPA but whatever. It helps to develop good relationships with your professors, on multiple fronts. Find a job or internship hiring college students now.
Small liberal arts colleges have a bunch of advantages when it comes But contrary to that impression, small colleges are a great training ground for future scientists. lots of people in my field of physics whose undergrad degrees come . A colleague in computer science says that he specifically likes to.
Computer science degrees come with a common misconception, which “Go when you're a freshman so you can meet employers and hear about their future openings. .. Now, I've come to realize it was not attending college that was my . I think that those who make a good life in computer science are. They should teach as much theory in computer science programs as possible, because it is a theoretical foundation that allows you to learn practical applications easily. The hardest aspect of CS for me was learning how to problem solve. How to go from coder to consultant. Stack Overflow Talent is a fully-customized sourcing solution that helps you understand, reach, and attract developers on the platform they trust most. Yes, Computer Science is a dead end profession…. Sales makes an incredible amount of money with all that commission. Anyways, I wish you good luck and hopefully you find a good job.
is computer science a good major for the future paragraph on my college Computer Science Vs. Software Development Degree