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Legal Studies accounts subject in 11th

The main subjects are Accounts, Business Studies, Economics and English. There's IP as the fifth subject. In some schools, various other options like Physical Education or Legal Studies are also available. Choose wisely!.
According to the ToI report the legal studies subject will include teaching of theory and nature of political institutions, nature and sources of law,  Mar 30 - Mar 31.
There are around 600 students with legal studies at Class XII level from Delhi For example, subjects like accountancy, business studies.
The first batch of Class XII students, with legal studies as their subject, passed out this year. MUNS Malicious Union of Nepotistic Nincompoops OR Kim Kardashians Parading…. Knowledge of Law is essential for all but are we have enough well trained teachers to teach Law? Class XI - Fashion Studies Textbook. Formative Assessment Teacher's Manual - Social Science. The side gig which earns you bucks.