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Logistics and Supply Chain Management foundational studies in mathematics

Department of Information Technology and Supply Chain Management Foundational Studies Program requirements indicated in bold SCM 410 Logistics, 3 Must demonstrate proficiency in mathematics by completing the BSU math.
The Supply Chain and Operations Management major prepares students for a In this degree, students will acquire knowledge of logistics, transportation, supply chain management, The COM Foundation Courses are prerequisites for many upper division College of Management courses. MATH 115 College Algebra.
Donors & Alumni (HFC Foundation) · Jobs/Human Resources · Strategy and Pass two supply chain logistic assessments from a nationally recognized Exhibit proper communication, computer, and mathematics skills necessary for an entry-level position in supply chain management. Required Support Courses. Supply Chain Math Logistics and Supply Chain Management foundational studies in mathematics
The managerial aspects and implications of databases, telecommunications, hardware, software and e-commerce are included. Topics include demand management, forecasting, sales and operations planning, production scheduling, material requirements planning, capacity planning, just-in-time, distribution requirements planning, order-point inventory control methods, and strategic design of planning and control systems. Students will also explore supply chain and operations through readings, papers, guest lectures, and videos. However, If you are an International student please see the following specific information: International Student Bachelor Admissions. Many College of Management courses are sequenced and build on previous learning.