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Religious Studies veterans college subjects

Students may enroll in Religious Studies courses offered at any of the undergraduate colleges, and advanced students may, with permission, enroll in.
The Religious Studies and Philosophy Program offers many distinct degree and non-degree opportunities at the undergraduate level. At the core of our courses.
Religious Studies at Albion College. McWhirter Shares Thoughts in Advance of Holocaust Studies Trip. Read more. Take It Further. Honors Program Elkin R.
Religious Studies veterans college subjects Religious Studies and Philosophy. Courses include Christian theology, fundamentals in evangelisms, and religious and biblical studies. Community College of Philadelphia. Systematic and historical analysis of philosophical problems of religion, such as the problem of evil and theodicy, the conflict between religion and science, the relationship between faith and reason, the nature of religious language, and arguments about the nature and existence of God. Required courses include introduction to Christian ethics, methods of bible study, and systematic theology.