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Top 10 college questions: Guidance counselor tells high school students CollegeBoard's My College Quickstart and the college and majors.
A couple of years later, when I became a college counselor at the school, I was By every objective measure our students were among the best -prepared for . The only way I could finish all my homework would be to stay up till about 3 a.m.
“I want my child accepted by the best college possible and I knew we needed help,” says Gail Mukai, a mother of a high school senior in Irvine. The most revealing part of the book consists of diary entries, which clearly show just how hard high school students bound for elite colleges must work. Our experts know how Guidance Counselor my best college design lessons based on how you're learning. Some parents go to great lengths, even if it means paying thousands of dollars for counseling services, to get their student on a more competitive level. How many extracurricular activities should I be involved in? In vast, high-achieving droves, for example, these kids wanted to go to Duke. Students interested in attending school in this state are likely to find their perfect fit. Transfers: Students that transfer high schools are well-suited to outside support. Guidance Counselor my best college

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Brazenly capitalizing on the whims and passions of teenagers seems a questionable practice for institutions dedicated, in part, to the well-being of young people. Take me back to All Categories. Likewise, future engineers or architects benefit from nuanced expertise. Keep college stress at bay by coaching you and your family through each step of the process. Or that their parents, who had always been lovely and appreciative when I was teaching their children, would become irritable and demanding once I was helping them all select a college. All this drama is nice for admissions offices that like to see applications stacked to the roof and supplicants spilling out into hallways as they wait nervously for information sessions to begin.