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Marine Biology universities studies

The School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering offers MS and PhD programs in Oceanography, Ocean Engineering and Marine Biology in partnership.
EEMB offers interdisciplinary training leading to Masters and Ph. D. degrees with an emphasis in ecology and evolution as broadly defined. M.A. Degree.
The marine biology major is designed to introduce students to marine ecosystems, including the great diversity of marine organisms and their coastal and.
The University of Tampa - Marine Science SharkLink Student Portal Marine Biology. This programme is aimed at numerate graduates who wish to work in the international shipping, logistics and port industries. Naval Architecture and Maring Engineering. Located in the little fishing village of Charleston, OIMB is surrounded by a diversity of marine and estuarine habitats where wildlife both large and small is easily observed. Thomas GilmoreProfessor of Biology. Geographic Information Science Minor. Master of Marine Science and Management. Marine Biology universities studies