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Occupational Therapy top ten business careers

What they do all day? Occupational therapists help people suffering from an injury or illness find their way back to performing everyday.
OT is a great profession and it can take you as far as you let it! I landed a job as a PT/ OT tech at a physical therapy clinic. These companies are in the business to make money, just like healthcare in general, so they will hire accordingly.
OT is her second career and she brings a rich background to the student They seem to gather some of the best rehab business info out there.

Occupational Therapy top ten business careers - you

I know you mentioned you weren't sure you could get in, but wouldn't you want to try first? I currently have clients whose homes I go to to work with them one-on-one. Ranking of the Best Health Care Jobs: Occupational Therapist is No. I am also interested in the OT program and I am applying this fall. I do not live in Florida. I am sorry if some of you do not enjoy what you are doing. I know a few OTs that earn more than PTs. I decided to go for OT rather than PT because it seems to allow for more creativity i havent yet volunteered much within OT but looking forward to starting school again in theory, there is more room for creativity. I agree with your comments about complacent people grumbling about their jobs. Resume Tips for Experienced Professionals. No one cares where you get your MA from they just care that you pass you license and have your degree. My main job is in Assisted Living. I especially pay attention when the posts are from Veda Collmer a licensed OT and attorney.