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Operations Management types of research article

Abstract: This paper reviews the use of case study research in operations management for theory development and testing. It draws on the literature on case.
Recently published articles from Journal of Operations Management. Manufacturing management, in its evolving theory, research, and practice, is plagued by.
The journal provides a channel of communication between scientists previous section, the operations research on logistics management still mainly Generally, two types of perishable loss, quantity loss and quality loss. Operations Management types of research article

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Write for this journal. Seeding: Can this paper act as a seed for further research in OM? Kalyan Talluri, Imperial College, London. Revenue management deals with modeling and optimization of tactical pricing and demand management decisions. Moreover, the number of the papers with new applications of the existing methodology, such as cooperative game and behavior operations, is expected to grow continuously. The impact of reshoring decisions on shareholder wealth. Your selection s could not be saved due to an internal error. Assortment rotation is the retailing practice of changing the assortment of products offered to customers throughout a selling season. Examining small to medium-sized manufacturer decisions. Marcelo Olivares, Columbia University. Lot Sizing and Coordinated Replenishment issues for manufactured and procured raw materials and components.