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Physical Education what subjects are covered in intro to business technology at butte college

Introduction to Business Office Technology. Subject: Computer and . Course #:: PE 100; School: Modesto Junior College ; Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.
Butte College courses list: ACCT 20 - Introduction to Accounting, 3 Unit(s) . AJLE 100 - Law Enforcement Academy Physical Training, 2 Unit(s) . Agricultural Engineering Technology (AET) . AB 26 - Introduction to Agriculture Business, 3 Unit(s).
BC Home > Curriculum > Academic Programs > Courses. Click on any Butte College courses list: JOUR 2 - Introduction to Newswriting, 3 Unit(s). Emphasis will be placed on the importance of understanding and balancing all aspects of self that lead to success in college and life! Topics to be addressed will include facilitating children's play, developmental stages of play, curriculum for play, and theories of play. Some or all of the following may be required:. Identification and importance of the significant features of regions. Emphasis is on the cultural importance of the stories and the religious importance of the cult practices surrounding the myths. Dental Assistant CE Courses