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Courses Offered. SOCI 100 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY (3) (Pass/No Pass or letter grade.) Hours/semester: lecture. Recommended: ENGL 100 or.
The course introduces students to the sociological imagination, or "the quality deciding whom to teach, what to teach, and how to teach have been subjects of.
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology. Credit Hours: 3. Understanding the social nature of humans and the social world in which they live. Analysis of such.

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Student Leadership and Involvement. Introduction to a variety of literary, oral, and visual narratives by artists from countries as diverse as Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Students also gain experience in research design as well as in the collection, management, and analysis of qualitative data. Students select an important topic in any sociological field and write a literature review that evaluates what is known about the topic. Two courses in sociological theory and two in sociological methods, normally completed by the end of the junior year. What Kind of Student Are You? Graduate Certificate Social Research. This course acquaints students with major Sociology subjects college theories of popular culture and applies them to areas including music, films, mass media, race, identity, novels, love, and sex. Challenges students to expand their global perspective while. What Kind of Student Are You? Two courses in sociological methods, one in network analysis e. Challenges to the view of religion as an archaic force destined to dwindle away in a secularized society. Sociology subjects college