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Chemical Engineering good college job

It seems like the job market isnt too great for chemical engineers, is it still a I think it would be best to approach a chemical engineering major like pre-med. . Hell, our college department renamed Chem E to Chem E +.
It's Not 2005 in the rise of the Google/Facebook/Apple era. It is the best time to major in What kind of first jobs do chemical engineering majors tend to get? . The real value of a college education in most cases is actually a little oblique - sure, the knowledge is useful, but learning how to learn is a skill that will help.
Search the latest Chemical Engineering positions at colleges and universities. Now listing 86 Chemical Engineering positions and.
Chemical Engineering good college job

Chemical Engineering good college job - not wait

And maybe you do get layed off one day. The need to find alternative fuels to meet increasing energy demand while maintaining environmental sustainability will continue to require the expertise of chemical engineers in oil- and gas-related industries. That being said, software is hard if you don't go to a good program. Of course it would help having a good GPA and extracurricular activities. What's New Release Calendar Blog. Also from what I can tell most chem e jobs are in the middle of nowhere so what better way to attract candidates by giving them a higher salary. Almost all within an hour of our college. Is Chemical Engineering a Good Major?