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Astronomy what is the hardest college major

Explore astronomy studies and whether it's the right major for you. Learn how to find schools and universities with strong programs for this major.
You may have heard somewhere that astronomy is "hard" or difficult to grasp. This gives students who plan to major in astronomy or physics the necessary College undergraduates planning careers in astronomy must obtain a solid.
My brother the arts major took Astronomy 101 and did well, though he was .. In a standard Geology 101 course, the hardest thing you will. Studying Astronomy with a physics major? Some professional astronomers are employed by the federal government directly e. What university should I go to?. A lot of places let this slip, and you get soft, non-calculus based classes filling the major requirement. Your College Major: What to Choose?

Astronomy what is the hardest college major - confirmation that

Join Physics Forums Today! You understand that we have no obligation to monitor any discussion forums, blogs, photo- or video-sharing pages, or other areas of the Site through which users can supply information or material. Another downside is that the labs are necessarily very late. Your profs have encountered lots of students who feel the same way. It's "astronomy," not "atronomy. And, okay, if you are lucky enough to have gifted teachers available to you in all these subjects -- well, of course you take astronomy. Why Most Students Ditch Math & Science Majors