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Biomedical Engineering which subjects to choose in college to be a dentist

Is BME a good path toward a career in medicine and dentistry? How and when does a student choose a track? Do I take liberal arts courses as well as engineering? According to the Association of American Medical Colleges ' publication Medical School Admissions Requirements: U.S. & Canada.
Biomedical engineers use their expertise in biology, medicine, physics, engineers build artificial organs, limbs, knees, hips, heart valves, and dental Some biomedical engineers choose to enhance their education by pursuing a . What types of university courses will prepare me to become a biomedical engineer?.
How do I prepare for and decide on graduate/medical/ dental schools? What courses are offered in Biomedical Engineering? How do I choose an advisor? there are many scholarship opportunities at the University and college levels.
What you need to know about becoming a Doctor