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Museum Studies interesting subjects to learn in college

These college majors may be unusual, but they sound pretty cool, too. Chances are, if you have a passion, you can get a degree in the subject. What you study: How to be an auctioneer, from learning the “auctioneer's chant,” obtaining and appraising Job prospects: Popular music studies specialist, Beatles historian.
Like all Hartwick students, museum studies minors learn by doing. minors are employed in wide variety of interesting fields, and many go on to study at the.
Regardless of your field of study, you'll be called on to understand objects and their Different titles you may take as a graduate with a museum studies degree. Museum Studies interesting subjects to learn in college

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The museum studies courses at Kent State employ a holistic approach to the study of museums as institutions, like libraries, that generate and perpetuate knowledge. Planning for exhibitions, community inclusion, and. Learning Science in Informal Environments: People, Places, and Pursuits. This seminar will investigate the history of exhibitions and various approaches to the study of exhibition history. Locate professional-development opportunities and information. Center for Student Success. Career Education in Museum Studies. Please apply online in SOLAA at Because the SLIS courses are structured within a library and information science framework, students are able to cut across the spectrum of traditional academic disciplines, which strengthens the skills of future museum professional by giving them a broader perspective, a larger knowledge base, and more flexibility. Therefore, it is difficult to work in, for and with museums without some training in or familiarity with the law. Department of Geography University of Leicester M. You will apply theoretical frameworks, learned during your MA studies, in a work-based context. From Here to There Museum Standards for Object Handling on Vimeo

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Museum Studies interesting subjects to learn in college Museum technicians usually need a bachelor's degree in an appropriate discipline of the museum's specialty, as well as training in museum studies or previous experience working in museums, particularly in exhibit design. Geology and Natural History of Hawaii. The course attracts students from around the world from a wide range of practice and academic disciplines, a high percentage of whom go on to work at some of the world's most respected cultural institutions. We will draw on historical and recent readings in the. Program Overview: Museum Studies Online Certificate Program Robert Caragher, Vice President of Finance and Operations, Autry Museum of the American West.
Music colleges australia a good topic for research paper GESC Course Field Trips. Internships Access to Opportunities Smithsonian. These topics show up in various types of institutions: anthropology, art history, natural history, aquariums and zoos, arboreta and botanical gardens, child-oriented, hobby and craft, historical sites, nature centers, planetariums, and science and technology centers. Further information is available in the Internship Guidelines Packet. This trend manifests in all aspects of museum activity, including exhibition, education, research, and collections care. That allowed me the ease of not only finding courses I was interested in, but also giving me contact information and much more. Faculty You Might Work With.