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Music univerity course

The Harvard University Department of Music is devoted to the study and practice of music, and exists to provide a first-rate musical education that gives students.
Courses in the Department of Music are open to all students enrolled at Cornell, regardless of college. Some of the courses are intended primarily for music.
Choose from courses in performing and recording music, music theory, music Students from the Musical Theater Workshop at the University of Rochester will. Music univerity course
At section meetings, the concepts and skills introduced in lecture will be practiced at the keyboard as well as vocally. Rehearsal once a week with one to two performances a semester. Individual study of topics at a level above that available in the standard curriculum. Extensive use is made of recordings of musical performances and of live performances in the area. Topics include composition, conducting, ethnomusicology, jazz studies, music education, music history, music technology, music theory, performance practice, instrumental conducting, voice, keyboard, Music univerity course, strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Graduate entrance examination required.