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Nursing Assistant categories of college majors

As an example of a typical course load for CNA training, Vista College offers the . nursing assistant program divides 120 hours this way: Four weeks in class.
Dental Assistant Earnings and Job Outlook; Steps to Becoming a Dental . a dental assistant program at either a community college or technical school. . Common classes include studies in oral anatomy, radiography, office Offerings include certificates, diplomas and associate degrees, allowing Nursing Assistant.
Browse major and career profiles using the categories below, or use the tools on the right to search by College Majors . Midwifery · Movement Therapy and Movement Education; Nursing Rehabilitation Aide ; Rehabilitation and Therapy. ‎ Athletes · ‎ Surgeons · ‎ Digital Arts · ‎ Elementary, Middle, and High. Nursing Assistant categories of college majors Additionally, a CNA can find support through organizations such as the National Association of Health Care Assistants. Night and weekend work will probably be a regular fixture of your job, and showing potential employers that you are willing to work these hard-to-fill shifts will make you stand out in a sea of applicants. This can be obtained from a variety of institutions, including online schools, community colleges, trade schools, and so on. So what makes all that work worth it? Median wages for similar or related careers were as follows: Location and job availability are two factors in determining pay.

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What is a Certified Nursing Assistant CNA? Clearly, the duties of a CNA are not glamorous, but the position is highly suited for people who are interested in helping to cure illness, mitigate misery, and generally add to the wellbeing of other people at the time they need it most. Patients living in, or receiving treatment at, a nursing care facility can have substantial disabilities, impaired mobility, memory loss, or other difficulties that make it difficult for them to care for themselves in ways that the able take for granted. O-Net Online, a database linked to by The Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS , offers a detailed overview of a nursing assistant, a role very similar to that of a CNA. No matter where you take your courses, most nurse assistant training programs last anywhere from two to six weeks, and some courses can run from six to nine months. The chart below shows data from The BLS about how many medical assistant jobs are available in the five states with highest employment in that field. Remember that not every state requires the same amount of time for training and testing. College of DuPage: Basic Nurse Assistant Training