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Political Science top paid majors in college

Graduates of Georgetown have a strong knowledge of political science, leading to positions that pay an average starting salary of and.
Seven of the top highest - paying college majors are in the . degrees in government and political science are very flexible, with grads finding.
Among the social sciences graduates, economics majors are projected to NACENational Association of Colleges and Employers Economics majors are expected to receive the highest average starting salary among Class of Political science /international relations and psychology majors also are.
Political scientist may run in politics themselves. Cost of Living Calculator. I took the hardest classes my school offered. This program is extremely flexible and allows students to follow their interests, leading to successful careers in government and political science fields. Planning, organizing, supervising, analyzing logistics and overseeing the flow of work - whether it's building a hospital or managing a warehouse - are the key skills necessary for these college majors. A public administrator can be a very lucrative position that's perfect for a political scientist. Political Science top paid majors in college

Political Science top paid majors in college - are some

A campaign manager oversees the entire campaign, helping develop strategies, handle a large budget, schedule trips and speaking engagements and oversee campaign staff. None out of college. Some of the highest paid and most notable lawyers in this country got their start at the Woodrow Wilson School before going to Harvard. Its long commitment to the.... Typical PSG courses include political theory, history of democracy, Marxist theory, history of socialism, foreign policy, international law, judicial process, and ethics in government. Cost of Living Calculator.